Bretzel = Pretzel to the delicious power

I LOVE the German pretzel. It may possibly be one of the best parts about the food here.. especially when hot out of the oven. YUM.

The other food here is very heavy–usually consisting of some large cut or portion of meat with gravy and some sort of potatoes. It is good, but wow.. its a lot! Luckily we’ve eaten a lot of Italian food which is absolutely amazing here! (and of course lots of bretzels)

For breakfast, we have soft boiled eggs each day with bretzels and rolls (that are also to die for) and salami. Usually we don’t eat lunch.. perhaps an espresso or an eis (ice cream). Then we eat dinner around 8 or 9pm and enjoy another espresso and some “Schnapps” which is what they call almost all kinds of liquor here.

German wine tasting

So I wrote earlier about my wine tasting experience in SF, but this was COMPLETELY different! We drove about 2 hrs to the western part of Germany and stayed in a quaint little village. By quaint I mean quaint.. Mikey and I went to “explore the town” and got about 2 blocks before we found ourselves in the middle of a field. It was very cute though, and fit every picture you might have of a small town in Germany with the white houses and dark trim, bright flower boxes and terra-cotta roofs.

We went to a small winery where we sat at our own table and proceeded to taste 12 different types of German wine. Who knew they had so many different types! There was champagne and liqueur, white wine and red, sweet and dry. After the 5th wine, they brought out a spread of food… which included 6 different types of sausage-like meats that were very interesting-looking.. slabs of ham.. and finally raw beef to be spread on bread. This was by far the most interesting flavor I have ever tasted. Apparently there are some in the western part of Wisconsin that also eat such things, but it was shocking to me! As unappetizing as it may sound however, it was delicious and I elected to have more! We ended the night by taking two bottles of wine back to our hotel and drinking on the roof patio.


I have arrived after almost 24 hours of travel.. although not with my luggage! In Amsterdam, I had to RUN through the airport as they were calling my name over the loudspeaker and informing me that my luggage was being offloaded. Exciting times.

Friedburg is a small city of about 28,000 (which is like a little village here..), but it is beautiful and has both a castle and an old city wall. Apparently it was built to protect Augsburg (a neighboring city) which was established in 15 BC as the Roman capital of the region.

Anyway.. we’ll be deciding on our travels tomorrow! Hopefully Austria or Italy!

Farewell to San Francisco (for now at least!)

Well.. it seems as though my summer in SF is coming to an end. I have been SOO busy at work the last few weeks… I had 2 big projects to finish for my department and then I was working hard on wrapping up our final group project for our internship program. I think overall it was a very good experience.. Our group project was a lot of work but overall somewhat rewarding. We gave our presentation on the 7th, and it was a hit! We did some good work.

The next leg of my summer (or what’s left of it) will be a family trip in Germany. I leave on Sunday (the 12th). We’ll be staying with a family that my brother did an exchange with 2 years ago in the southern part of Germany called Bavaria.. The city we’re staying in is called Friedburg, and its about an hour south of Munich. Hopefully we’ll have time to travel a bit around the country!