I have arrived after almost 24 hours of travel.. although not with my luggage! In Amsterdam, I had to RUN through the airport as they were calling my name over the loudspeaker and informing me that my luggage was being offloaded. Exciting times.

Friedburg is a small city of about 28,000 (which is like a little village here..), but it is beautiful and has both a castle and an old city wall. Apparently it was built to protect Augsburg (a neighboring city) which was established in 15 BC as the Roman capital of the region.

Anyway.. we’ll be deciding on our travels tomorrow! Hopefully Austria or Italy!

Wine Tasting

One of my closest friends from childhood has been out here visiting this week, and we decided to take her out for an afternoon of wine tasting. Since we had a car, we started off in the Marin Headlands and continued on to the northern part of Sonoma county. Sonoma is the lesser known of the two wine-producing counties in the bay area (with Napa being the more famous..), but it is better for a more relaxed and tourist-free tour. Plus! many of the Sonoma wineries don’t charge for tasting.

We went to Alder Brook, Everett Ridge, and Bella, and I am proud to say that I bought my first case of wine! I bought a split case of Sauvignon Blanc and Red Zinfindel at Everett Ridge (which I would highly recommend!)

Whew! Its been a fast couple of weeks!

So.. I haven’t posted in awhile.. but to sum up the last few weeks I have

delorespark.jpgGone to 1 horse race and lost $18 but got a free t-shirt! “Run” 1 crazy “race” called bay-to-breakers in which 50,000 people throw tortillas, dress up in crazy costumes, build floats (usually having to do with carrying a kegger), and drink heavily

Rolled down 2 hills in a park (this park in fact..)

Eaten burritos 3 times in Delores Park (see Left) and gone to 3 awesome concerts (Mason Jennings, Manu Chao, and Afrodesiac–a brass band with African influence)

Gone to at least 4 of the 578 taquerías within 4 blocks of my apartment. (A taquería is pretty much kicks the shit out of all other Mexican restaurants.. and its fast food style.)

Attended 5 different different events in 1 day.. namely the Mission Carnival parade and festival, an awesome designer fair in Hayes Valley, Opera in the Park, and drank 5 drinks at local bars in the mission.. (does that count?)

So thats about it for the last few weeks.. =) I’m lookin’ forward to my parents coming in a few weeks!


Brendan’s parents and grandma are here for his graduation, so we have been touring.. getting up at the crack of dawn to get a head start on what is a loooong day of crazy adventures.  This morning we all piled into the Charger they rented to trek through Marin county (the lush hills that are on the northern end of the bay).  We started by crossing the Golden Gate bridge and heading up the hills near the ocean.  We went up and down more hills than I could count, visited a scale model of the hydrology of the San Francisco Bay (2 football fields in area), took in a Frank Lloyd Wright civic center and post office in San Rafael, walked Muir Woods, and caught some of the best views I have ever seen.  We ended up in Fairfax going out to dinner with some of Brendan’s wacky relatives that none of them had ever met.  All in all a good day.