Most Excellent Journey

While setting up the travel site (3 months ago..) I have neglected this site. To see what my boyfriend and I have been up to the last 4 months, visit our website.. which I am proud to say I programmed (with a bit of help from Brendan of course). We have photos, maps, and a blog.. and you can even subscribe to get emails of our new posts! Happy reading.

Travel Blog

I know I promised a blog right when we left for our trip.. well…. it has been a bit harder to get internet than we expected, and I had some problems finding a working computer before I left. BUT I promise that it is on its way!! I am being taught web design as I make this blog, so it is taking a bit longer, but it will be worth it! I will send an email with the URL as soon as its ready.. Hopefully within the next week. =) Hope you all are doing well.

p.s. if you read this and would like to be subscribed to a shortened edition of the travel blog, post a comment here with your email address.