About Me

I hate writing pages like this.. but here goes!

I am a free-spirited traveler.. I am currently living in San Francisco. I have lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina and London.. but I am from La Crosse, Wisconsin, a small pretty little town nestled between bluffs on the Mississippi River..
I was a student of International Business.. I will return to Minneapolis to finish my undergrad degree at the University of Minnesota in September..  but I don’t know what I want to do with my life..
I am open.. but I am blunt; deal with it..

I love meeting new people and learning about new places (no matter how cliche that sounds).. but I hate insincerity and lies..

I always put dots after my sentences as if I’m still thinking about what I want to type next.. but that doesn’t mean that my thoughts are unfinished, just unsure..

I am a knitter..  I am a nerd..  I am a liberal.. but not so liberal that I will not listen to others’ viewpoints..

I am.. [to be continued]..