Internet Identity Crisis: How to Choose a Good Handle

I have never had nicknames that stuck. EVER. This, coupled with having a common (at least common 30 years ago) first name and a painfully long and complicated last name, makes creating an “internet identity” or handle difficult. Media Culpa provides a few good tips to good twitter handles here. In addition to these criteria, I think a good handle should be:

  • Easy to prounounce
  • Easily spoken aloud in less than 5 words
  • Even easier to spell (especially when spoken)
  • 3 syllables max
  • I have been using lweite, which admittedly is horrible, and conforms no almost none of the above criteria. I have lliissaa in a few places, but it is taken on twitter (which is probably what matters most).

    So what to do? Is it appropriate to stalk the person who has the handle I want and who, by the way, never uses her account? Probably not… its a little creepy (and also, I couldn’t find her email address–yes, I did stalk her a bit). Should I just start from scratch? How about pwnedbylisa? too geeky? I’m sure my “woes” will end at some point and I will settle on a handle to use across all accounts I own, and hopefully these tips will make it easier for others who are trying to build their personal brand.

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