FitBit Evaluation

I received the Fitbit for Christmas and have been wearing it for a few weeks now. I’m not completely sold on the whole thing, but I do think it has some merit. It tracks all your movement using a gyroscope like those in Wii controllers, and is most useful for tracking steps per day and amount of movement during sleep. The site also has a well-designed UI, and has a lot of foods in its database for tracking intake as well.

The FitBit seems to be much more accurate for walking and not so accurate for things like biking (obvious), but you can enter the times between which you were doing “alternative” activities. The thing that I find least convenient is that you have to enter when you are biking, swimming, or sleeping AFTER the device has synced with the base station, which isn’t always feasible.

To sync, the base station has to be plugged into a computer with internet, and you have to be within 15 feet. Sounds easy, but this doesn’t always happen before I go to work or leave for the day. It also makes it as accurate as your memory (which isn’t so accurate for me…). I’d love to have an “event” button that you could push.. Perhaps even the button that is on it already so you can look at the events for the day and then fill in what type of activity it should be.

In any case, this device is probably worth the $99 if only for the tracking of movement and easy GUI on the site. It makes it a great challenge to beat your step count from the day before!

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