10 Days and Counting

I have only 10 days left of my college career as I know it! I can’t believe this semester has flown by so quickly. It has been a whirlwind of classes, tests, and papers, but it is finally coming to a close.

And what shall start the next chapter of my life? I am planning a long trip with Brendan, my boyfriend. We will start off on December 27th by flying out to San Fran and then Tahoe for New Year’s to visit San Fran friends and people Brendan went to school with at Berkeley. From there we will go to Washington D.C. with his family for a few days and on January 8th, we will leave from NYC to Santiago, Chile where the fun really starts. From there we will travel over land to Buenos Aires and north to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with small stops in between. We will be in Rio for Carnival and then leave on February 6th for the next leg of our adventure.

We fly to Tokyo next for 18 hours then on to Singapore. From here we will be traveling over land through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam to China where we intend to take a train through the country and end up in Beijing. From there we will hop on the Trans-Siberian railway and venture through Mongolia and Russia ending up in Moscow. From here, we’re not quite sure where to go.. It depends on how much money we have left and where we have friends/ cheap places to stay. Click here for a map of SE Asia..

SO if you have any suggestions or contacts for me I would love to hear from you!

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