Zombie Pub Crawl

If I get married, this better happen to me! (p.s. I'm in the lower right-hand corner.. I'm looking a little gray)

Here in Minneapolis every first Saturday of October all the zombies come out of their cracks, suit up, and come together for the annual zombie pub crawl. The event commences in Gold Medal Park at 3PM and from there craziness ensues! This year there were an estimated 600-700 zombies, but only 2 arrests! Among the crowd were 2 Abe Lincolns, a couple of ninja zombies, a girl who died on a Disney ride, 2 postal workers, 1 Borat, and 1 drowned man (unfortunately, he was not a victim of the river killer.. or at least he “couldn’t remember what the killer looked like..” whatever that means).

As if that is not enough to make you fall immediately in love with this event, there is a Pirate Pub crawl (much smaller.. and ahem lamer..) that takes place on the same day every year in the same general area. Imagine.. a neighborhood inundated with pirates and zombies. Heaven.

In the end, my roommates and I ended up making the front page of the Pioneer Press as we has our photo shot with a lucky wedding party that had decided to show up.

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