German wine tasting

So I wrote earlier about my wine tasting experience in SF, but this was COMPLETELY different! We drove about 2 hrs to the western part of Germany and stayed in a quaint little village. By quaint I mean quaint.. Mikey and I went to “explore the town” and got about 2 blocks before we found ourselves in the middle of a field. It was very cute though, and fit every picture you might have of a small town in Germany with the white houses and dark trim, bright flower boxes and terra-cotta roofs.

We went to a small winery where we sat at our own table and proceeded to taste 12 different types of German wine. Who knew they had so many different types! There was champagne and liqueur, white wine and red, sweet and dry. After the 5th wine, they brought out a spread of food… which included 6 different types of sausage-like meats that were very interesting-looking.. slabs of ham.. and finally raw beef to be spread on bread. This was by far the most interesting flavor I have ever tasted. Apparently there are some in the western part of Wisconsin that also eat such things, but it was shocking to me! As unappetizing as it may sound however, it was delicious and I elected to have more! We ended the night by taking two bottles of wine back to our hotel and drinking on the roof patio.

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