Farewell to San Francisco (for now at least!)

Well.. it seems as though my summer in SF is coming to an end. I have been SOO busy at work the last few weeks… I had 2 big projects to finish for my department and then I was working hard on wrapping up our final group project for our internship program. I think overall it was a very good experience.. Our group project was a lot of work but overall somewhat rewarding. We gave our presentation on the 7th, and it was a hit! We did some good work.

The next leg of my summer (or what’s left of it) will be a family trip in Germany. I leave on Sunday (the 12th). We’ll be staying with a family that my brother did an exchange with 2 years ago in the southern part of Germany called Bavaria.. The city we’re staying in is called Friedburg, and its about an hour south of Munich. Hopefully we’ll have time to travel a bit around the country!

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