Bretzel = Pretzel to the delicious power

I LOVE the German pretzel. It may possibly be one of the best parts about the food here.. especially when hot out of the oven. YUM.

The other food here is very heavy–usually consisting of some large cut or portion of meat with gravy and some sort of potatoes. It is good, but wow.. its a lot! Luckily we’ve eaten a lot of Italian food which is absolutely amazing here! (and of course lots of bretzels)

For breakfast, we have soft boiled eggs each day with bretzels and rolls (that are also to die for) and salami. Usually we don’t eat lunch.. perhaps an espresso or an eis (ice cream). Then we eat dinner around 8 or 9pm and enjoy another espresso and some “Schnapps” which is what they call almost all kinds of liquor here.

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