Brendan found an awesome tool to document and track family genealogy. Its called The site has an easy-to-use interface that allows anyone to add information about family members including birth date, spouses (current, ex, and deceased), maiden names, and MOST IMPORTANTLY email addresses. The email addresses are the way that the trees grow! By simply putting a few emails on your tree of those in your branch, you could spark a revolution because it only takes a few determined folks to fill up the tree.

If you are interested in more detail, you can edit the info of those that are entered in the tree and keep track of the county of birth and death, order of siblings, occupation(s), and nicknames.

The other good part about the program is that it will keep track of birthdays and anniversaries and send email notifications (if you want it to) so that you never forget a birthday or anniversary again! If you have family photos that you would like to store, just use geni–it will keep track of the photos and allow you to tag them so that you can see everyone in the photo. Those that are adventurous can even create their own profile!

As you can probably tell.. I’m suuuper excited about this website, and I hope to see you all on geni!

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