Whew! Its been a fast couple of weeks!

So.. I haven’t posted in awhile.. but to sum up the last few weeks I have

delorespark.jpgGone to 1 horse race and lost $18 but got a free t-shirt! “Run” 1 crazy “race” called bay-to-breakers in which 50,000 people throw tortillas, dress up in crazy costumes, build floats (usually having to do with carrying a kegger), and drink heavily

Rolled down 2 hills in a park (this park in fact..)

Eaten burritos 3 times in Delores Park (see Left) and gone to 3 awesome concerts (Mason Jennings, Manu Chao, and Afrodesiac–a brass band with African influence)

Gone to at least 4 of the 578 taquerías within 4 blocks of my apartment. (A taquería is pretty much kicks the shit out of all other Mexican restaurants.. and its fast food style.)

Attended 5 different different events in 1 day.. namely the Mission Carnival parade and festival, an awesome designer fair in Hayes Valley, Opera in the Park, and drank 5 drinks at local bars in the mission.. (does that count?)

So thats about it for the last few weeks.. =) I’m lookin’ forward to my parents coming in a few weeks!

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