I made it to San Fran! I got here yesterday. Brendan met Preston and I at the airport with a stupid little mini cooper. For those of you who have never been in a mini cooper.. it has no trunk and about enough room for 4 relatively small dwarfs, so it was perfect for all of our 15 bags of crap plus the 3 of us. The only way to fit bags in was to put the top down and hold on, but it was well worth watching Preston hold the bags down in the back seat while we drove with the top down on the freeway in 50 degree weather.

Somehow we got home with all our luggage, but the best was yet to come.. I went inside to see our stupidifyingly awesome apartment. It is well worth the exorbitant rent that we are paying. We have a stainless steel kitchen (which I might add is 4 times larger than my old Minneapolis kitchen), a tea room, and a sweet living room with a plasma screen TV. As if that isn’t enough, we have a backyard with a porch that looks out onto one of the oldest churches in San Francisco. The boys even chopped through the backyard (which previously resembled an equatorial jungle) and found a table, 4 chairs, a path through the “garden”, and a grill.

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